March 4th, 2002



Maeyan, here, again. (And yes, for those who read *my* journal entry - I stayed home today.)

MadP sat up for about half an hour today! She had to to kick me off the computer and find for herself who her primary care physician was. Apparently, listening to me gripe for an hour was too much, so she got up and within 2 minutes found the info and was calling.

After that, she's back in bed again, but I yelled her mail to her (she's in the next room) and her LJ comments. She laughed. Was suprised that SOOO many people responded with such well-wishing, and said that she wanted chocolate.

More chocolate, apparently: "you can never have enough chocolate." A sentiment I agree with whole heartedly.

BTW She doesn't know what I am writing or what I wrote yesterday. *giggle* Just that I wrote something. whoops... gotta go... :P

^_^ Maeyan, reporting for MadP...

[Maeyan] "Anything you want to say?"
[MadP] "Where?"
[Maeyan] "In Live Journal"
[MadP] "Have you already made an entry in *my*
[MadP] livejournal and are just now asking if
[MadP] there's anything *I* want to add?"
[Maeyan] *pause* "no..."
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