March 30th, 2002

Francine - harvest

Delayed - Reaction Squee!

I have plane tickets! For Baltimore. This means I'm really, actually, going to ConneXions. (Yes, I *was* in denial -- why do you ask?)

Also, finished links page for Pointy Stakes. Never want to look at little evil 100x35 buttons again. Until next time. 18 large story archives. 38 author archives. (Counting co-owned sites.) 6 art galleries, 12 photo-rich sites, and 6 just for your amusement places.

If you're a Buffy slash fan and you're still bored after going through all those little frigging buttons, you've got more free time than I do, and I want your job!
Francine - harvest

Leaving the Fandom

Er, no, I'm not! -- I'm just thinking about the phrase. I've heard it said about several people, under different circumstances -- even different fandoms. And I wonder -- is there a central bulletin board where one posts this?

"Attention, everyone -- I'm leaving the ______ Fandom. Inquiries about my stories may be directed to such and such. Pleas forward all mail to my new address in _____ Fandom."

Or is it more subtle than that? You just stop writing stories in one fandom, slowly. You get drawn into another, and you're still talking to your friends from your old fandom, but your speech is laced with new characters, new fandom-specific jargon.

Is there a time-limit? "X hasn't posted a Buffy story in three months; she's left the fandom." Or just a quiet, unspoken concensus?

This isn't Buffy specific -- not a rehash of the "don't abandon me" wail. It's just me thinking about fandom. I haven't been "in" fandom in any active way, until I started writing Buffy slash, and I'm still hanging in because there's nothing else that's as good, for me.

But I've quietly let go of my fanaticism for Dr. Who, for instance. Did I leave the fandom, or was I never really in it, since all I ever did was hang out on rec.arts.drwho and mostly lurk, and no one knew I was there to begin with? I loved Blake's 7 with a passion once, and my first exposure to slash was B7 zines. I'm still fond of it, but seldom rewatch it, or reread those zines. Did I leave B7 fandom, or was I never really in it, since I've never written slash for it? Never produced anything in it, and in a way, I suspect that the fiction for it may be mined out, after all these years, unless one gets into crossovers, and no, leave me alone, Spike/Avon bunny. You have no plot -- you just want to snark at each other.

These things I think about.