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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
May 22nd, 2002 
Francine - harvest

At least a year since I've seen an episode. Longer -- 2? 3? 5? since I considered myself part of the fandom.

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Francine - harvest
Not ready to do BtVS finale reactions yet. Loved, squeed, had nitpicks, was relatively unspoiled for details and final plot twists. Was happily surprised.

This, though, I can do.Collapse )
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Francine - harvest
You know, I have no idea if this is pretentious, incomprehensible pseudo-poetic crap, or not. I think that says something about my current solo-writing state of mind. Also, conflicted about this because it isn't my take on the character, or what's happened to him. But the nasty thing came to my head and knocked, and I have no idea whether I wrote it because I had to, or because I want to prove I can be nasty. Bleh.

Evil Spike fic, post-finale. Evil as in, the story is evil, not necessarily Spike. Rated? Eh. PG-13.

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