June 10th, 2002

Francine - harvest

GIP -- Useless Vampire Blob

Ahem. (Will not say "Like Angel lately")

Was just going to display it as an image, but jbx is being a serious bitca at the moment (I can ftp just fine, but the files can't be accessed from the web -- which is the opposite of what usually happens when there's a problem) so voila -- GIP-o-matic.

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Francine - harvest

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Yes, I am in fact aware that my website is down. (Not that anybody's e-mailed me complaining, but heading that idea off at the pass.) So is James'. Jbx is...doing something. Scheduled maintainance? Something. I know not.

Of course, since I'm a twiddly LJ designer and had to have colours for backgrounds that don't match up with known hex colours, it means my LJ is backgroundless (and headerless). But the world will go on. And it means I can get other things done today, instead of twiddling with various websites. Woot.
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