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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
June 13th, 2002 
Francine - harvest

Not a rant -- as a rant, in this forum, it would be akin to "Dear grandma, here's how to suck eggs" -- but an essay for S/X & Violence that I've been meaning to type up in this form since Christmastime. Thoughts, suggestions, arguments, before I add it to the site?

Shot Who? Character Assassination as A Free PassCollapse )

Francine - harvest
My mom has an LJ. She might read that stuff. It's sick and twisted and wrong, and I have no idea why everyone on my friends list is suddenly doing it.

Um, ok, so actually maeyan's mom has an LJ. God help us all. I actually suggest you all write the smuttiest, slashiest PWPs you can come up with, and post them without a cut tag, in order to properly introduce firesweeper to our little world. ;-)

I'm the good daughter. Just remember that.
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