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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
June 15th, 2002 
Francine - harvest
*kicks LJ for still not having the birthday thingies fixed.*

As usual, I have no fic as a birthday presnt. For your birthday, you get a great big load of NO FIC! Sigh. Someday I shall be able to write when I *want* to write, instead of only when poked, prodded, and obssessed.


Happy Birthday, Cici!
Francine - harvest

Closed the friendstest quiz, which if you recall, was the exact same quiz as last time, with one question changed... Snicker. Shame on y'all. Granted, some of you weren't around then, or didn't take the previous one. But still. Major kudos to firesweeper, considering she knows nothing of my fannish past, yet managed to at least get the gimme answer on every question that she didn't guess completely right. Woo-hoo! And maude_m for being a total nerd. :)

Scores | Answers | Old Scores | Old Answers

So, that done, this one might be a little more fun. Because it's, like, not old, and stuff. Plus, it's all about Livejournal friends, so it's more "What do you know about other people" than "What do you know about Amy." Sort of. Sometimes. These are all questions about people on my LJ Friends List, but anybody can take the quiz.

Yes, several of the questions are mean. And misleading. And mean. And there's only one right answer for each one. And if you're on the list for question 7, pray don't be insulted. The incorrect choices were all selected carefully in order to confuse the natives. I did try to pick people I was fairly sure wouldn't be insulted by the question, but one never knows...

The Obnoxious LJ Friends Quiz. Not that my LJ friends are obnoxious. Well, not most of them.

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*blinks at loreleif*
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