June 26th, 2002


This message brought to you by the puddle on the floor next to Amy's cubicle

Thought about calling in, but couldn't find "It's hot and I hate you all," on the list of acceptable excuses for a sick day.

Also, go here for Xander being too hot for the current climactic conditions, courtesy witchwillow. Visual, not appropriate for opening at work. Unless you're lucky enough to have the cube in the back, like me.
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Tiny amusements...

Text message convo with viveydoll over the course of 4 hours.

Me: Hey! maeyan)'s on her way! Left 1/2 hr ago. -Amy
(sent an hour after she left, but who's counting)

viveydoll : Uh thanks. She sends greetings.

Me: Phbbblt. Well, had to feed cats, cook dinner. :P

viveydoll : She says as the cats wander around searching for forgotten scraps of yesterday's dinner...

viveydoll : Actually, trying to starve them enough so they'll eat maeyan when she gets home. :)

viveydoll : I think that makes her Cat-Woman. Doesnt it?

{long pause}

Me: Cat-woman is home, and uneaten. I'm trying to encourage them, though.

viveydoll : Try smearing tuna on her. It works in the movies. :p

Me: Perhaps too kinky for a Wednesday. Instead, I shall go back to writing gay porn.

viveydoll : "..."
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