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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
November 15th, 2002 
05:30 pm - Not a meme
Francine - harvest
But since yesterday was poetry, thought I'd go for song lyrics today.

He wrote too many songs about his girlfriend...Collapse )
Francine - harvest
I snerk {nervously} in stakebait's general direction.

In other news, finally got off my arse and actually registered for BuffyCon. Why haven't you? Huh?
Francine - harvest
But the Spike shit always gets to me. Y'all know that.

S7 stuffCollapse )
11:33 pm - It's Sepia Day!
Francine - harvest
Er. Yay? 17 Ladies of the Buffyverse, being glamourpusses in duotone brown.

Want-take-have-must-share / needn't-comment-though-may-if-you-like.

ClassicsCollapse )

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