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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 18th, 2002 
Francine - harvest
73 Blackadder icons, some with text, some without. One from The Foretelling (BAI), the others from Bells (BAII) and Duel and Duality (BAIII). In NO order whatsoever, and yes, obviously, my copies of BAIII are much superior to I and II, which are quite sucktastic in recording quality. Take 'em and do as you will. If there isn't a non-text version shown, then I don't have one. If there *is* a non-text version shown, and you'd like text on it, I'll be happy to add it. Or you can. In other words, community property. (Er, insofar as we all infringe equally on the copyright.)

So you've started fancying boys, have you?Collapse )
Francine - harvest
Things to do tomorrow:

Pay mortgage. And phone bill. And cable bill. Balance checkbook and weep.

Take out trash.

Things to do in the near future:

Read a novel that I haven't already read (I'm liable to cheat otherwise) that isn't slashy. Or is only incidentally so. In other words, walk into Borders, pull a book I know very little about off the shelf, and read it.

Hang up the blasted clean clothes. Clean the closet. This is not a huge chore, missy. It's not exactly dirty. Clean the office. Straighten the bookshelves. Buy a small filing cabinet and get the record boxes out of the room, finally.

This all on the assumption that cleaning up the parts of the house that a) are easy enough to clean and b) I spend time in, will lead to eventual migration of cleaning energy down to the first floor. Where the bathroom lives.
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