December 19th, 2002

Francine - harvest

Too snotty?

"If you're looking for a nomination banner, they can be found here -- I appreciate the work that contest and awards organizers put into running them -- please appreciate the work I put into my website design (whether or not you like the design itself), and don't try to dictate it to me."

Judging by other people's comments, I think we're all getting a bit annoyed with "and you must put up our banner" -- and now it's "within 3 days" and it's "on this specific page" etc. etc. What really sticks in my craw is the telling me *where* I have to post it (I was about to say "where I have to stick it") regardless of whether that particular page is actually laid out in a way that would work with adding banner links to it. Why, again, does someone else nominating my story for competition in your awards, obligate me to pimp your site for you, much less let you tell me how I need to display mine?

(I can see the angle on asking that a link be put up, if you're submitting your own work -- sort of an entrance fee. It doesn't annoy me so much, anyway.)
Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Hmm. I said that already. Oh well. There use dto be a rant about site design and screen size here.

Gee, I'm ranty lately. You'd never believe that the weather's gorgeous, I woke up early, I feel vaguely peppy, and I finished my SS story. Happy camper, me. Really!