February 7th, 2003

Francine - harvest


If you're being spammed with this because you have other pimpers on your friendslist... um... tough luck? ;-)

Ethan! It's Ethan. What more reason could you need to go than that?


June 13-15, 2003
Holiday Inn, Saddle Brook, NJ

Actor Guest of Honor: Robin Sachs (Ethan Rayne)
Tie-In Author Guest of Honor: Laura Ann Gilman

Pre-registered memberships: $30 until April, then $40.

Hotel rooms: $85. Tell them you're a member of Buffycon to get the rate, or use code BUF if registering online.

Events and attractions: The Bronze dance, Caritas Karaoke, demos, panel discussions, OMWF recreation, dealer's room, writing contest, art contest, video room, filk, trivia game, costume awards, and much more...

Visit www.buffycon.org for more information, or email info@buffycon.org.
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