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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 31st, 2003 
Francine - harvest
Because it's not the one I'm posting with, it's the nekkid one behind the cut tag, hidden to preserve the livelihoods of everyone who reads from work.

Doesn't everyone want one? Nekkid Not-GilesCollapse )

Also, 4 days to connexions! Eeeeeeeeeeee!

Edit: No, I have no idea what it's from; someone posted it on fanforum in a rapidly digressing thread that went from "Let's talk about Spike without calling for his execution, please" to "BtVS characters: boxers or briefs?" Clearly, Giles (in his avatar as whoever he's playing here -- possibly James from Manchild but I can't tell) favors option 3.
bottom, buffy fandom
Dark and twisty and unpleasant and hot. Set during Hush, and fitting pretty seamlessly into canon. S/X smut in the silence, where Xander can make up his own story about it, and still manages to make it a grim one. Fairy Tale by Ellison Wonderland.
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