April 7th, 2003

Francine - harvest

Back. News at 11.

All available connecting flights on Continental from Baltimore to X to Indianapolis? Not so much with the available. Unconcerned Continental Chickie wanted to set me up with a flight out at 7:30 in the [following] morning, [necessitating staying alone in Baltimore for another night]instead. "If it were a mechanical failure, we'd have you on another airline in First Class within the hour, but nobody can control the weather so we're not responsible for it." Thankfully, the combination of Stern Looks and "United would do it" from journalkitten and me being about half a millilitre away from bursting into tears, resulted in a switch to Northwest and a flight that actually left an hour earlier than my original.

Which almost made up for the fact that the connecting flight in Detroit took two extra hours for de-icing and getting back in line to take off.

Other than departing airline woes, travel was lovely, Baltimore was lovely, I refuse to admit that it's over, can't wait until buffycon, I'm utterly exhausted and none of you wimps are online, and (Amy's ConneXions Report Here! Fresh! New! Original!)

Just take out the part about couches and making out with cin1607. (Gotta save something for next year!) Substitute zortified stealing all my clean socks, and my Carmex making continual attempts to escape from my lack of cleavage. Also, I am the Good One.

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