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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
April 21st, 2003 
bottom, buffy fandom

Hmm, that didn't come out right...

Flash-fic-a-thon story for jennyo. Wes/Lilah, set during Players (if you squint and pretend anyone at ME ever remembers that humans require sleep to function.)

1000 words exactly, and vielen, vielen Dank to wesleysgirl and stakebait for beta, handholding, and listening to me panic.

Clean of YouCollapse )

bottom, buffy fandom
The previous 11 are here. saturn_girl suggested Lorne/Groo; I found a few additional options. Want, take, have, must share, because sharing is good. poisoninjest is welcome to them for Pretty Pieces of Paper, if she so desires.

Six more...Collapse )
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