April 22nd, 2003

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Seeking graphics hoarders...

Just suppose for a minute that I were trying to re-create my website from more or less scratch -- which hopefully will not be necessary, but I'd rather spend the time working on rebuilding it while we wait for answers, just in case.

I've got most of the html, via google, and the text of stories in a zillion different places -- but graphics? Nada. Except the few things I have on my hard drive at home, and I do mean few. Comes of doing graphics at [places that are not home], uploading them, not being able to leave them on *those* hard drives, and not remembering to download copies for backup from home.

So -- anybody out there got anything of mine (aka from Pointy Stakes) that they downloaded for their own use, and would be willing to e-mail back to me? I'd be ten tons of grateful. (The grateful would weigh ten tons, not me. Okay, the grateful would weigh 9.785...... tons.)

Wallpapers, manips (incuding anything I posted in lj), icons, link buttons -- pretty much anything. I'm good on the two most recent S/X manips (trog's b-day and robintcj's story illustration) -- those are on my hard drive. I also have a billion copies of the original CG pic, plus all the CG chapter illustrations, as far as I can tell. Otherwise? I can use anything I can get. Cached copies of the header or splash images for the actual pages? Would be a godsend. Though since it's been down for a week now I dunno that anyone would have a cached copy.

byrne? I'm looking at you, you packrat you. Though that may only apply to actual fanfic, which I'm fairly sure I have my own copies of all of it. WG poked me and reminded me of your organized nature, though. :)

And soulstar? I know you wanted the spike moods for S&S -- do you still have the zipped file? I have all of the graphics, but I don't have the text file with the code to put into the LJ console. Edit -- taken care of -- rubywisp had it.

This isn't emergency stuff (yet, anyway) -- I'm just sending out waves now because the longer the site is down, the less chance there is that anybody will have *anything* cached.

Edit -- minitrog rocks beyond my ability to describe. She's found almost every page of my site, including pictures, in a cache she made for viewing offline. zyre, rubywisp, lovessong, and Stefanie H. all found files for me too -- some of which weren't in Trog's cache, because they weren't linked directly on Pointy Stakes. I luff them all.

If you'd like to know what I still don't have (which is much much less than before, and easier to replace or let go of), see next post.

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