April 30th, 2003


Sites are back up!

More announcements and details in the appropriate places later (am off to unexpected family birthday party at the moment; hopefully online later tonight) -- but

Pointy Stakes and Wolfling's Lair are back up. In new locations, so if y'all have bookmarks to change, these would be the spots.

S/X and Violence still isn't re-created yet, nor is the Wes Slash contest, so those links will be broken; everything else should be fully functional. (Minus a few icon sets that are still incomplete and thus have been removed.)

Pointy Stakes also has various new stuff there, though nothing that hasn't been posted in LJ.


Muchos gracias to everybody who's helped find files to recreate these sites (and lori for providing the webspace) -- I'll list off specific people with appropriate slobbering gratitude, in a post to follow soonish.

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