May 3rd, 2003



My nurd of a best friend (who is not yet awake, and yes, the timestamp is accurate on this entry) got me a mini-digi-cam for my birthday. It's about 4.5 inches long and an inch wide, and takes rather horrible pictures unless you have optimal light setings, but it's adorable. Comes with its own little stand for use as a (very grainy, one would assume) vidcam, and hooks up to the PC via USB port for easy download. Good for taking immediate evidentiary photos of suspiciously behaving kitties, among other things.

Also, two boxes of cereal. Count Choc-ula and Weetabix. I maeyan.

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Francine - harvest

More Loot Stuff! Public Thanks! Orgies! Cake!

Yes, I know html doesn't work in the subject line.

There was also a Lunchables Pizza (mmmmmmmmmm) and a candy necklace kit from maeyan, and journalkitten sent me a gift certificate to amazon, which is always dangerous, and zortified sent me a slashy YA novel from my wishlist, and the Vampire's Crypt Lego set! Or as the box says, La Crypto dos Vampires. I may or may not have put everything together exactly as the instructions showed, and had one. piece. left. over.

Also, Vlad/Van Helsing.. Theirloveissocanon! Canon, man!


Also, dude. Family=no idea what to give me. No idea what to give me=money. Even my *mother* gave me money. Who possesses none. Happily shocked. Can afford dinner! Can afford to eat this week *and* pay credit card bill!

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