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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
May 8th, 2003 
09:23 pm - Arrrghhhhh!
Francine - harvest
I don't like TBQ anymore.

I still wish to lick various parts of her, but I do not LIKE her.

I am NOT re-reading the badwordbadwordbadwordCollapse ) Caritas thread again, just to see if there's Angelus badwordCollapse ) in it. I have TRAUMA about that thread. I have *issues*. I'm still in *therapy*.


*licks TBQ*
Francine - harvest
That I know where Angelus showed up. 'Cause I don't. Though I refuse to believe Lorne read him and didn't pick up anything, so I'm saying after Caritas. I'm saying this completely because I don't want to have to reread that thread ever, ever again, (despite the fact that I'm probably going to) but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

What I *am* saying is that I might be willing to trade the link to the Wes Visions Readers' Guide, newly restored to working order and updated through "Nosing around at the school, pre-vamp-kids but post-Wes/Angel smut," for sexual favors. Or pocky. Or sexual favors *with* pocky.

You know you want the direct links to those LA and early W/A sex scenes.....
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