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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
June 10th, 2003 
05:33 pm - Flashfic
Francine - harvest

mpoetess flashes doyle_sb4...

Pairing: Connor/Wes, post Home (A:ts S4 finale)
Rating: R-ish (non-explicit smut)
Disclaimer: Joss, not I.
Thanks to: thamiris, for the title and reacting with complete wonderfulness -- and citations! -- to the insane girl who e-mailed her out of the blue with "You're the lusty word-goddess; is there a term for this?" zortified and wolfling for moral support and warm, tasty cookie-wolflings.

Summary: Wesley thinks too much.

ParapraxisCollapse )

Francine - harvest
Rant about minors who read porn snipped, as drama = too much like work. Gist: Don't care, parental issue, I warn, and if there'd been a web when I was underage, I would've read. If I'd been stupid enough to *tell* people I was underage, I'd have deserved getting yelled at, reported, and booted from lists. However. Being driven nuts by references to the minor breaking the law. Happy to be corrected by legal experts, but I don't think there are many adult-materials laws with the onus of lawbreaking being placed on the child.
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