June 16th, 2003

Francine - harvest


Uh, yeah, just now. Or to be stiltingly accurate, 20 minutes ago, but there was bathroom and dumping dirty clothes in the laundry and calling maeyan to tell her I'm home.

I actually did not get lost coming back, when the directions were reversed, the exit numbers were different, and at least one of the bypasses didn't seem to exist. (Though I did spend an extra hour or so dicking around Harrisburg trying to figure out where the hell the local pike was that would get me back onto the PA turnpike. Following my nose got me there, though, albeit a bit slower than actual directions might have.)

It just took me this long because I pulled off at a rest stop somewhere near Columbus and had a nice comfy five hour nap. Mmmm. Air conditioning. Pillow. Truck more comfortable than own bed.

Seriously considering buying new bed.

Anyway, am here. And on irc. Am on AIM. There might be a con report sometime. My house is a sty, and I'm trying to pretend it's worse than when I left, when it's not -- it's just the contrast, and the suffocating weight of actually having to do something about it, now that I'm back from the freedom of being someplace that's not home.

But I have kitties.
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Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

In other news, while napping in the truck somewhere in the middle of Ohio, I dreamed wiseacress was petting my kitty (even though I have no idea what wiseacress looks like), and she (the kitty, not wiseacress) was purring. Make of that what you will.

Made even stranger by the fact that it was Ty, the kitty who likes absolutely no one besides maeyan. Including me.

And then maeyan called on my cel-phone and woke me up and we'll never know what would've happened next, will we? Huh? No, we won't.

Edit: and just to continue the single entendre...

*licks byrne's chocolate. Mmmm.*
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