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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
July 11th, 2003 
Francine - harvest
Whee! Happy Birthday to lori, my kickass and benevolent webhostess!
Are we there yet?

huh huh huh huh huh?

What about now?
Francine - harvest
piedmargaret, have you seen this? The, er, furniture-moving vid.

Big snerk.
Why has the webmistress of Captain Peroxide and Deadboy sent me a link to the chronicle of her family moving to [location censored]? For a second I thought it was spam/virus spoofing her e-mail addy, but no, it's really from Tania.

I'm sure it's an addressbook mixup -- fannish address-group getting clicked instead of a family/friends one. Just most amused.

Yesyes, going home now. Very much hoping my S6 vcds will have arrived. Catch y'all in a bit.
11:00 pm - Slashfic-a-gogo
bottom, buffy fandom

For _flaming_june_, who requested Spike/Angel, post Home/Chosen, in a church. Rated... R? Really light NC-17? Now with footnotes! And vielen Dank to stakebait for the exhaustingive beta-read.

Raison D'etreCollapse )

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