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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
August 27th, 2003 
07:34 am - Muh
Francine - harvest

My wyfe has written that Spike/Xander corset sex she promised wayyyy back at the fanfic panel at buffycon.

There are Boots. And makeup. And Silk. Muh.

There is also, of course, because she got advice from zortified, an alternate evil ending. Though at least it's not a Gila ending. Just an evil one. ;-)

05:13 pm - Dear LJ:
Francine - harvest

Show my damn new userpic instead of that little red X. You know what *size* the thing is, so obviously you know it's there. Bastard.
Francine - harvest


Look, other people are living my life for me and I don't have to lift a finger! Also, zortified, I'm not laughing at you...

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