September 3rd, 2003

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[Insert meaningless subject line here]

So now would be a bad time to mention that Jane Random Fan wrote me an e-mail recently telling me she'd printed out the cover page of Queer Eye For The Undead Guy and handed it off to J. August Richards at a recent Canadian con -- right? And that he was highly amused by it, said he wanted to show it to the rest of the gang, and hoped they might be able to drop some joke like that into the show this season?

Just checking.

<lie>I wasn't bouncing all over about it or anything.</lie>

::slinks away to hide::

::comes back::

Granted paranoia did strike and I moved it to the other site, the one that doesn't have a directory that could be easily traced up to and from there to my fanfic...


ETA - and now that sounds self-important and disingenuous, when it was really supposed to be a bouncy post that I made *after* I added some content to the site, and now that kerfuff is in the air, I just thought I'd sound people out about whether it bothers them, whether it makes a difference that it's a fan / parody site, and not actual fanfiction. And/or point out that this kind of thing apparently happens pretty often (and the friendly celebrity of choice appears to be J. August...)


Also, mf-ing Lycos is officially shut down "for maintenance" until 11:00am PST tomorrow. They're sorry about the inconvenience. So, if you sent me e-mail or dropped me an lj comment you want answered, anytime after about noon yesterday, you'd probably do best resending it or e-mailing me at [mpoetess at]. I've temporarily switched my LJ contact addy, so *new* comments should hit my hawksong e-mail. Likewise if anyone needs to e-mail me directly, for the moment, the hawksong addy is the way to go.
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