September 4th, 2003

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Flamewar In a Box!

TM thebratqueen

The original comment, out of context of the kerfluffle that generated it, was: "...Flame War In A Box [tm] where I'm reasonably certain everyone could have walked away from their keyboards at some point and the posts would have generated themselves."

mpoetess:Ahhahahahahahaha... Someone needs to write a script that will do this. Surely we can turn two MegaHAL's loose on each other or something, after filling them with the contents of the last two months worth of flamewars, and see if they don't just keep yelling at each other forever...

thebratqueen: At which point the spectators could all place bets on how long it would take for Godwin's and Snacky's Laws to come into play.

mpoetess: willnotbebadwillnotbebadwillnotbebad... willatleastanswerallrpgtagsfirst...

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