September 10th, 2003

Francine - harvest

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Courtesy a link on the Community That Must Not Be Named, I direct your attention to Mac Editor. Especially my favorite "You need to buy a Mac" lobster, zortified.

(Flash required, visually work-friendly but you might want to listen with the sound turned down or headphones, as the narrator uses the F-word a couple of times in his very animated descriptions of the joys of Mac use.) ;-)

And for fairness and accuracy's sake, an equally hilarious parody of Windows. (Also Flash, but pay attention to the intro text; this one goes fullscreen; to break out, hit Alt+F4.)
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This? This is why we likeses the long hair. The Season 6 hair? It burrnnnsss usss. It killed our inner child. This hair? Guh.

Also, I am TOO the good one, Lorna!

[smooches postcard in lieu of cicirossi]

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