September 14th, 2003

Francine - harvest

Item The Squillionth

  • Schmoooooooooooooooop! (TBQ/Wolfling, Angel/Wesley, NC-17)

  • Added people to friendslist because I need more Distractions! Yay Distractions! Also, because I should have added several of you long ago. Hi people!

  • Working Girl. Drabble. Xander, post-Chosen, for this week's sunday100 challenge.

  • Dear Self: update wolfling's website.

  • That "Why Is Your LJ Annoying" quiz thing? Mine was annoying because I post a bunch of cryptic stuff that no one understands. Hee.

  • Fish.

  • Dear Random HTML Generator Script on Slashcity: I still smell, right? Just checking.

  • Wannnnnt. (Warning -- autoplay voice advert; set speakers on stun.) Want in the way that I want to have 500 or so disposable bucks to just jet off to see a Broadway show, of course, not just the ticket price. But... It's Wicked. The Musical. And Joel Gray is in it.

  • Fish.

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