October 22nd, 2003

Francine - harvest

In Lieu of Content

I present a challenge:

Guess which first-grader is me. (ETA - answers here.)

There is no prize, except the smug, superior knowledge that you were right. And also the embarrassed joy of looking at the children's fashions of 1979 and knowing that, while yes, you did wear something similar (age-appropriate), you never, ever, ever will again. Nor will you make your kids do so.

maeyan is ineligible. Neener.

For your convenience, the possible choices have been numbered. Also, to save both of us embarrassment should you otherwise mistakenly pick a boy. It was 1979, after all.

For your inconvenience, the two userpics I usually possess which show portraits of the author at an early age have been temporarily removed from the lineup. Smarty-pants.

(If you happen to be one of the other people in this picture, I shall laugh myself sick, then ask what you've been doing with your life. Aside from reading the journal of someone who writes gay porn.)
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Francine - harvest

So, um. There's a reason I shouldn't have Photoshop.

Slashy icons ahoy. Manips, obviously. (God, I hope it's obvious!)

Up for grabs, share and share alike. If you'd like to personalize, feel free.

ETA: the S/A was slightly too big for LJ when I first uploaded it. so if you downloaded it before 7:25 EST, you might want to grab it again.

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