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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
November 14th, 2003 
Francine - harvest

I maded it work! All by my ownself! And all I have to do is remember to hide the phone bill from maeyan when it comes...

116K 0:40
(no transcription available)

ETA: note to self -- next time take the sudafed before doing that.

ETA 2: GIP! piedmargaret helpeded me with the Latin.
*hides from jainieg*

So. Um. Did you know that if you transcribe someone's phone-post that LJ puts the whole transcription right in their entry? Without a cut-tag? No, neither did I.


ETA: *hides from anniesj*

The Shrub is at it again. Check out the latest piece of governmental wankery.

Such bullshit. I'm for civil disobedience on this one. How about you guys?

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