November 19th, 2003

Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Also, while I'm spamming, can I just say thank you to the people who liked my phone-porn here, in one swell foop? I'm suddenly strangely self-conscious about answering the individual comments about my allegedly sexy (I still maintain it's due to my sore throat) voice....
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f/f, antidrug


I sort of wrote a slash essay too, though it's 10 times as scattered, completely personal instead of fandom-oriented, and nowhere near as cogent as thebratqueen's. It wasn't intended to be an essay, just an answer to two questions from ginmar, but because I am the longwindedest bastardess on the face of the planet, it turned into one. Cleaned up somewhat from its original format as responses in gehayi's journal, it lies within.

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