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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 4th, 2003 
06:57 am - Rec-itty-rec
bottom, buffy fandom

You know the problem with trying to archive stories by Two Ladies of Quality?

You have to go to the index page to find the appropriate story.

The index page lists all the other stories.

Call me next year.


The thing I'm loving about everything I click on? It makes me feel good. It's well-written, it's fun, it's hot, it's touching, depending on the story (there's a great Spike-Dawn friendship story called Skinny Dipping) and it doesn't leave me with the "Goddammit why didn't I write this, I hate her grrrrrr" flash of momentary jealousy that so many wonderful stories do these days. Which is *not* to say TLoQ's stories are not beautifully written -- they're just not hitting the button that makes me feel bad about reading a good story. I can't tell why -- maybe it's because so many of them are so close to what I would have loved to see happen in canon that it would be like being jealous of Joss. But I love Connie deeply for it, for this is just what I needed today. :)

Francine - harvest

Awesome survey gacked from firehorse. This is more than a meme -- it's a translation tool for all those "What the hell are you talking about" regional and international moments. It's hard though; a lot of things I grew up saying, I habitually translate for people who I know are expecting another word.

Age: 30
Where did you grow up? Northwest Indiana, US, though I went to college in southern Indiana and my grandfather grew up there, so I picked up some of that dialect too, I imagine.

ETA more, because nostalgia_lj had new ones.

So What Do You Call...Collapse )
Francine - harvest
Random epiphany:

The world needs a good Buffy/Riley/Xander fic.
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