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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 6th, 2003 
Francine - harvest
On the minus side, my back hurts like hell because we spent two hours wandering around the same bookshop, which is not Borders and does not have chairs to flop into every three feet.

On the plus side, I now have my holiday cards (as yet unaddressed), presents for at least five people, 3 novels (a mainstreamish f/f romance, a sureal m/m thing about the Wizard of Oz intertwining with fictional people's lives, and an f/f fantasy/comedy called The Dyke & the Dybbuk which I've been wanting to read for years) and 2 dvds (Big Eden and The Hanging Garden) for me our house, a guide to GLBT etiquette that promises to be very entertaining (The Bride Wore Black Leather... And He Looked Fabulous), and a Subway seafood & crab sub.

On the minus side, I am $277.00 the poorer.

On the plus side, I spent it at a gay bookstore. 8-D And I now know where the one damn gay bookstore in the city is.

I think I came out at least even.
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