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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 8th, 2003 
12:21 am - Nodnodnod.
Francine - harvest

Incontrovertible, Socratic proof for anyone anywhere who still doubts that Xander could possibly ever be gay:

Universal given: All sex with Faith, no matter the gender, species, or number of the other participants, is by Faith's very nature, gay.

Canon fact: Xander has had sex with Faith.

Ergo: Xander is gay.

Thank you and good night.

P.S. Obviously, this works for Robin Wood as well, but with those eyelashes, was there ever any doubt? Wesley, on the other hand, has had no textual sex with Faith, so sorry folks, he's not gay, he's just British.

06:55 am - *cries*
So, after having just told at least one person to use my mpoetess at hawksong address for pertinent e-mails, the webmail interface appears to be down. Or possibly my firewall is having issues with it. Either way, I can't check it atm, so anybody wanting to send me mail for the moment had best use abbyty at lycos.com. Or cc to both, might be the way to go; I mind deleting duplicate emails a lot less than I mind not knowing that I've missed one!
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