December 14th, 2003

bottom, buffy fandom

Avast, here be fic. Though no pirates.

This is the first chapter of something piedmargaret and I have been working on for a while now - a Spike/Ethan futurefic that diverges post-Chosen. Angel S5? What Angel S5? And by future, I mean post-apocalypse. And by fic, I mean. Um, actually I mean fic. Or possibly I mean WIP. Because it is.

The Good Ship Venus - Chapter One

Spike/Ethan. PG-13, eventually rising to NC-17
Warnings: Did I mention post-apocalypse? I did? Oh, good. Extrapolate.

The title refers to this fine example of classical harmonizing.

wolfling and wesleysgirl = Mistresses of the Beta-Lash. Arrr.

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