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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 16th, 2003 
bff, bff - byrne
*throws self over thebratqueen to hide her from the MONSTER EVIL PLOT BUNNY FROM HELL*

Purely for her own protection, of course.


Context: connexions 2003. Sunday, April 6th. The time on Sprockets when we dance in the evening when zortified, thebratqueen, wesleysgirl, wolfling, cin1607 and mpoetess retire to the hotel pool. Which is right next to the weight room, from which the maintainence-guy-cum-lifeguard [henceforth to be known as GuyTM] watches us through the all-glass wall. When he's not watching the tv that's mounted high on the weight room wall, has no apparent remote, and requires the use of Big StickTM for changing the channel. Since the Sunday night programming in Baltimore is apparently Teh Suck, most of his time is spent staring at the Pool Full Of Chicks. So thebratqueen and cin1607 give him something to look at. :D

I hope Big StickTM appreciated the love that GuyTM surely lavished upon him it later that night.

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