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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 18th, 2003 
Francine - harvest
It's. Sooooooo. Cute! I couldn't resist adopting it.

*pets adorable twit*

Disclaimer, with subtitles: Okay I am not homophobic [I just think it's gross, hence the title of this site] or [the subtitler thinks she means 'nor' but wouldn't want to accidentally put proper grammar in her mouth] do I hate gay/lesbians [I just hate it when fictional people get turned into gays and lesbians] but I believe that none of these authors/screenplay writers intended for certain characters to be together [and thus no one should write them in fanfic, because it's gross, and besides, no one ever writes things in fanfic precisely because they know it's not the way the original source is going to go]. Plus i dont mind the gay/lesbian relationships [The subtitler thanks the webmistress for her permission and is sure queer people everywhere will sleep easier tonight after a long round of celebratory doing of stuff that gives her the creeps with she thinks about it] but it gives me the creeps with i think about it [But i'm not homophobic, because that's not exactly what 'homophobic' means or anything]. All we (the people who join this hatelisting) are saying is that we don't like slash. [We're not saying it's gross or anything.] We're not starting an online petition against it. [Just a list of people who hate it, which is nothing like a petition.] All we're saying is that we don't like it [Not that it's gross] and don't read it [So the gross thing is pretty much a conceptual issue, not a critique of any particular fanwriter's talent or devotion to the craft or the original source material so there].
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