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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
December 24th, 2003 
12:15 am - Gay Pirates!

Finally watched. :D

a) Yes, he is the gayest gay pirate to ever nance down the plank.

b) He was so going to say "It might've worked between us" to Will, instead of the thing about the hat. He was! Stupid, stupid censors!

c) Wahh! Now I finally get the thing about Bootstrap Bill.

*firmly imagines he escaped while still under the curse, and is trapped on an island somewhere. Waiting for rescue sequel*

d) So, so gay. Gayer than a closetful of Carsons.

08:45 pm - très frustrant
Francine - harvest

I want to vid Spike/Xander. I do. Hell, I want to make an m/m slash vid period, that I can take to ConneXions. But I really want to vid S/X.

And you can't, can you?Collapse )

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