I Blame the Dutch (mpoetess) wrote,
I Blame the Dutch


Oh yeah - My Spike:

Did so, did not, would too, never did, fuck yeah would, sorry no thanks wouldn't, really *really* thinks you're on crack, and understands that other people have equally valid opinions, but thinks I'm right anyway so there, phbbblt.

My Giles:

Loves Buffy more than he's loved any other person, ever.

Still thinks Jenny might have been The One, because it's not the same thing.

So shagged Ethan.

Wouldn't say he loved the bastard, because it was nothing nearly so simple as that - but whatever it was, he's never stopped feeling it.

Still drinks too much.

Would have killed Dawn.

Would have hated himself with every fibre of his being, for the rest of his life.

Would so kill Spike if it was necessary.

But not then, not there, and not for those reasons.

Would do it himself.

Would tell Buffy immediately afterwards and stand still for everything she had to throw at him.

Understands Willow far too well. Wishes he could fix things for her without her having to make the same mistakes he did, but knows he can't. Wished sometimes as he was teaching her, that he could simply stop and hold her, instead. Knew better.
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