January 1st, 2004

Francine - harvest

Not So Secret Not So Slasha Except Kinda

I didn't do Secret Slasha this year; lo, I am a parasite on the fanfiction community, who sits back and reaps the glorious benefits of all the new fiction, without having contributed. Muahahahahaha.

No, really. Okay, not really. Really, I didn't think another ficathon right now would be helpful for my holiday-season sanity, and I feel much more relaxed for the [lack of] experience. And I get to read all the new stories, muahahaha.

In lieu of doing Secret Slasha, I played in the btvs_santa exchange, in which one could write stories, but there were also options for icons, graphics, journal designs, and just about every other type of fanwork.

settiai was my Secret Santa, and along with several lovely icons, including this one, she made both the new Spike/Giles graphic for my journal, and a Spike/Angel vid. wondersheep will find it doubly entertaining, as I did, not just for its slashy fun, but for the fact that it's to Ring of Fire...

I, on the other hand, was _green_'s Seekrit Santa. Aside from far more icons than a normal human can or would want to use even with the 50-icon limit, my main project was a wee Dawn/Amanda songvid, based around Potential. Which is a) set to a Leonardo's Bride song, b) in WMP format, and c) here: I'll Believe You.

Also, Happy New Year!

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