January 19th, 2004

Francine - harvest

Still Plagiarizin' after All These Years...

Stolen ruthlessly from flaming_muse: There's a meme going around where authors are offering to do a DVD-style commentary about their stories. I don't know if I could do that without some direction, since I'd be likely to write a million very boring pages about what was going through my head at every line [and/or I might not remember what I was thinking at the time without specific prompting; some of us have deteriorating mental faculties, y'know] , but if y'all have any more focused questions about any of my fics, like where an idea came from, why I decided to twist things in a specific way, why a character does something in particular, whether I slaved over a certain line or if it just popped into my head, how I write a drabble, how I write ficlets, how I write a series or a longer fic, how I plot things out, why I write S/X and eschew use of the word Spander, while hypocritically throwing around "Spuffy" right and left, please feel free to ask. I'll answer in a separate post. I can't imagine that y'all are interested, but I'm fascinated by other people's writing, [way true, and bears repeating in non-plagiarized format] so I figured I'd throw open the floor in case I'm wrong.

[A pre-emptive note for the folk who feel the need to sneer at these things every time they come around: Yup, it's an ego-meme, in that everybody who's posted it or the original variant is making an offer to talk about themselves and their writing process, only on the off-chance that anyone cares. In their own journal. Who'd-a-thunk. Which is not to say you can't sneer, dears -- just that I for one think it's pretty silly.]
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