January 20th, 2004

Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

Gah. To do:

Answer comments. (today)
Answer e-mail. (today)
finish start Gilesfic. (agghgh)
The sodding Spike bit in GSV. (asafp)
Wolfling's site. (no deadline which of course means it's the easiest one to do)
Finish current vid for ConneXions. (Late March, though I'd rather get the next project done by then too.)
Clean up Rockridge vid for Vividcon. (Er. July-ish?)

Cuppaverse birthday story.
That one with the two Anya scenes.
DP livejournal.
Project with journalkitten that hasn't even really been started yet.
ETA -- GSV, obviously, but I skipped it here because it's covered under "actual specific things I must do" up there

(Buy cat food, change litter, look into a third LitterMaid, take out trash, delete dishes, move to Canada, get 2-year-long plumbing snafu fixed with copious spare cash that we haven't spent on the car we can't afford.)

Things I actually want or have the energy to do:


*looks for comfy lap*
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