February 13th, 2004



The Kitty Bunch, the Kitty Bunch... That's the way we became the Scourge of Amy's House Kitty Bunch!

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[Insert meaningless subject line here]

glossing posted her 'mourning Angel' song.

Mine is here: Lullaby for a Weary World (right-click, save), by TJ Burnside Clapp, performed by Julia Ecklar; hosted at the Virtual Filksing.

I've had it in mind for an ironic Jasmine-POV vid since the second I heard it; now it's suddenly a non-ironic ode to the Buffyverse. (And, admittedly, a hope that Angel will against many odds be picked up by another network.)

Pardon me while I go all scary overdramatic fan here, but yeah. This is the first fandom I've ever had where I've actually been part of the fandom, and I'm sad, and pissed, and mildly hopeful, and overdramatic.


ETA: I'm not so incredibly shallow as to not have my first association with this song be the actual fucked-up state of the actual world, by the way. Been there, had that wallow. Just can't help associating anything and everything with fandom because hey, geek. In case anybody missed that newsflash. :)
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