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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
February 25th, 2004 
04:45 pm - GIP-ity
f/f, antidrug
(brush by dtissagirl)

As I am once again in postponed-til-11-by-basketball Hell, the Holy Day of Obligation (on Ash Wednesday, no less, which is funny to mine 5 year old ex-Catholic brain even though Ash Wednesday isn't actually an HDOO) shall be filled with vidding, before I finally get to see [spoiler] and [spoiler] do the [spoiler] thing in the [spoiler].

Also, boobies.
Francine - harvest

Just for TBQ:

(muchas gracias to herself_nyc for the link to the promo shot that was the source.)
f/f, antidrug
stupid stupid pointless timewasting memespamCollapse )

So not worth clicking, and now I'm going!
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