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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 8th, 2004 
Francine - harvest
Happy Birthday , minitrog! May it be filled with the most enjoyable and diverting of celebrations possible, regardless of naughtiness or legality. Well, not totally regardless of naughtiness...
Francine - harvest
Back back backing away from the Doctor Who wank that ate Cleveland my friendslist two fig newtons and a small grey shetland pony. Not before having spanked the monkey for a few comments myself, of course.

But backing away, because deeper issues, man. Deeper issues in a fandom that I stopped being an even mildly active [coughcompletelyunknownn00b] part of before there even *was* a Livejournal. Wanking over semantics is my thing; beyond that, I kinda have to have been there, and I weren't.
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