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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 24th, 2004 
Francine - harvest
My journal is called Scourge of Something or Other due to my semi-new Fanged Four layout (currently not visible because hawksong.com is throwing a wobbly) and associated matching labels. I have not yet discovered what it is that I am the Scourge of, but when I do, I'll let you know.

My subtitle is Journal of the Mad Poetess because I hate the issues caused by adding an apostrophe to a word that ends in s. Also because I just realized that I had that subtitle option available and thus, dur, I should use it to identfy whose journal it is, since the component style doesn't let me make my own sub-headers and such, like S1 did.

My friends page is called People I Haven't Eaten Yet because as far as I know, I haven't. Yet. Also, see Fanged Four theme.

My username is mpoetess because back in the mists of time when I created this journal (OMGnonironically!11!! 3 years ago yesterday!) I wasn't sure if I wanted it for fannish things or personal things or both, and how easy I wanted it to be for people I hadn't given the direct link, to find it. So it was a variation on Mad Poetess that is easy enough to remember once you know it, but unlikely for people to come up with when they're going "Hey, I wonder if she has a livejournal?" and typing random variants in. I've since figured out filters and locks and bears, oh my, and this lj is linked from my website, so there you go. I could change it now that the renaming option is available, but since someone else picked up madpoetess in the meanwhile, I don't see a lot of point.

So, I wanted a nice picture of a throat, for a "Life has me by the throat again" icon. During the search for same, I realized a) I already have one (see current userpic) and b) Mmmmmmm. Neck.

Beyond that, I have no idea where this idea came from, aside from a fairly high level of certainty that its place of origin freezes over rarely and many bunnies get born there.

34 necks. 17 boys, 17 girls. All BtVS or Angel cast regulars or frequent re-occurrings, all screencaps from actual eps. You try to identify the owners. All of them. (I'm not utterly cruel. I'll list out the name choices; you just have to match them up. And the boys are separated from the girls.) Some are easier than others.

The first person to correctly identify all 34 necks, or the person who has the most correct answers by 8 pm on Friday, gets a custom Jossverse LJ icon to their specs and/or a throat-biting drabble with pairing-of-choice. (Fine print within)

Name that Neck!Collapse )

ETA: The winner, with all correct, was swahiligrl. The answers and stats are here.

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