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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
March 25th, 2004 
Francine - harvest
I have just lost the last 2 hours of my life to this story, recced by elfgirl. Madness and Reason by Anja. It's a Labyrinth story about what happens to Sarah after she grows up, and her family thinks that her adventures in Jareth's world are the product of schizophrenia. It's not a brand new idea in the world of fantasy sequels (Return to Oz being the most obvious example) but it's very well done. It introduces two very enjoyable original characters in Sarah's Native American artist boyfriend and his grandfather, who's a shaman, and possibly the most enjoyable part for me, it gives Jareth a personality beyond the glitter, in such a way that the novel-addict in me is screaming for there to be a sequel all about him learning to be himself, instead of the character that tradition and the wishes of young girls have made him play.

A few spoilery quibbles...Collapse )

These are fairly small things, though, in a long, plotty story that read like some of the better popular fantasy novels I've enjoyed over the years. Good stuff.
bottom, buffy fandom
Dear swmbo:

:-D Just for you.

(you may have to scroll/pageback depending on when you read this.)
Francine - harvest
Just a note -- hawksong.com is currently down, so anybody who sent e-mail to me at that addy yesterday or today, I can't get at it for the moment. Likewise if you replied to a comment I made somewhere besides my own LJ (where I've been checking) before [see posting time for this entry] and you were expecting an answer back, lemme know, because all comment notifications previous to now are stuck in the hawksong box.

abbyty @ lycos dot com works, comments should work now, since I switched my lj contact addy back temporarily, and mpoetess @ livejournal works.

Yes, this also means Pointy Stakes is down temporarily; so is Wolfling's site. My fic and our co-written fic, however, is mirrored here.
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