April 7th, 2004

f/f, antidrug

That Songvid Thing

Item the First and Unrelated: intolerant asshats who googlebomb-link the word Jew. to a hate site suck beyond the telling of it, and lead to people trying to unbomb said word: Jew. If you have a website or journal that isn't blocked against spidering/indexing, especially a high-traffic one, go forth and multiply the wikipedia link (or any non-hate-site, but the wikipedia link is the second google result right now, so it has the highest chance of knocking the intolerant asshats out of the top spot), making sure that the link-text is the word Jew.

Item the Second and To the Point: New songvid, premiered at ConneXions 2004.

Ghost. Everybody's got one.

BtVS/Angel fandom. Music by the Indigo Girls. Giles/Ethan, Buffy/Faith. 5 min, 07 seconds; Windows Media, 12.9 mb. (The high-quality version can be made available on request, but it's 26 mb.)
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