May 19th, 2004


[Insert meaningless subject line here]

1. No Pacers basketball game tonight to pre-empt Angel series finale. Bodes well for WB4 staffers who will not be target of bloody rampage through studio.

2. Lasagna, Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked, and SeaBreezes made with elf vodka.

3. Am not weepy. Yet. But know am set for it, as teared up over Wesley!Angst in latest chapter of Protocol.

4. *clings to fandom like howler monkey*

5. Work somewhat less obnoxious today, though still could exist happily without constant heart attacks when co-workers suddenly appear behind me in new back-turned-to-the-doorway cube, or scuff loudly past it. *mutedspleen*

6. *clings to fandom like howler monkey*
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Watching War Zone, since unlike all y'all East Coasters, us'ns in central Indiana don't get Angel for another hour, and... that figure in the current Angel credits, in the clip right after the title clip? (Title clip = woman standing in road, "Angel" superimposed; next clip = smallish figure walking towards us from the distince, below/beside an overpass) It's Alonna Gunn. How cool -- Gunn's sister's in the credits. She's not forgotten.
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