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Trouble with a capital A
That rhymes with something or other.
June 2nd, 2004 

From karenbear's Ultimate Buffy/Angel Quiz:

karenbear: What was the inspiration behind Joss Whedon writing the Angel third season episode Waiting in the Wings?

mpoetess: CRACK! Lots and lots of REALLY BAD CRACK!



There's a "Kittens at a shelter in dire (mortal) need of fostering" situation going on that, if you're interested and able, you might take a look at.

bottom, buffy fandom
eiviiaru, in a digression about Jossverse pairing names within this i_wank post:

To me, this entire thread sounds like a bad '70's Super Robot anime: "Quick! Dock your Spander into Xangel-01 -- the Hetatrons are rampaging through Tokyo!!"
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