July 4th, 2004

Francine - harvest

In the sea, the fish have learned to fly...

Wheeeee! Me am have new mood theme!

The public 'everybody can download this in a zipped file and save it to their own server blahblah' version isn't quite finished yet, as I wanted to have no repeats for that -- but anybody who has the time and patience to copy/save each of the pics in the display page is welcome to use this almost-done version.
Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

As apparently the only person on my friendslist not being annoyed by the proximity of local fireworks1, I say unto you, Happy Other People Setting Off Explosive Things At A Reasonable Distance From Me That Give Me Vague Happy Childhood Flashbacks Without Requiring Any Actual Effort Or Risk To My Own Person Day.

I'm also amused that I can hear the fireworks, but look out the office (back-facing) window to see only... lightning-bugs.

1Not suggesting that the annoyance is unreasonable; just saying that happily, my neighbors seem to be setting things off far enough away that the sound level is not annoying, just vaguely comforting.