October 13th, 2004


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Huh. Digging through my loose-change tin to go buy a soda, I discovered that what looked like a useless (for that purpose, because the pop machine won't take them) Canadian dime, is actually a useless 5p coin. Still unhelpful for getting pop. But somebody -- most likely somebody in the cafeteria -- accidentally handed me British money somewhere in my recent travels. Wonder who.
Francine - harvest

[Insert meaningless subject line here]

He can feel people praying for him!

Does this mean he can feel me CRUSHING HIS TINY LITTLE HEAD?

Obligatory disclaimer for the humor-impaired or federally-employed: no, that was not a threat. It was a reference to a Kids in the Hall sketch, and implies that I was, you know, crushing the head of the tiny little electronic man on my tv screen, with the fearful power of my thumb and index finger.